Why hold a tablet with both hands all the time?

Sittting and holding an iPad, Surface, or even a Kindle for any length of time can be awkward and tiring.

We created the Lift Stand for those times you want the freedom to cook, read, recline or game with both hands free.

The Lift Stand raises your tablet to eye level in order to minimize neck strain while on your lap.

The Lift Stand positions your tablet closer to vertical to reduce reflections.

With the built in handle you can carry your Lift Stand with you from room to room.

The result: A more comfortable relaxed experience.


Place it on the counter in the kitchen for recipes.
Stream TV, Facetime or Skype while you cook!

Set it on your lap while in your favorite recliner.

When in bed why wrestle with pillows and a tablet when reading or web surfing? Lay back relax and experience the freedom of the Lift Stand.

Why make kids hold an adult sized tablet that might be dropped? Mom or Dad who may have difficulty holding a tablet will love it. All they do is touch the screen!

Place it next to your monitor either horizontally or vertically and use it as a second screen.

Got photos or a video clip to show your friends? Put the Lift Stand on the table and its easy for everyone to see.

When you're done simply slide out your tablet and take it with you.


Sleek and stylish the Lift Stand will look great with nearly any decor.

Simply slide your tablet into the Lift Stand horizontally or vertically. That's it!

The Lift Stand is light, stable, sturdy and holds your tablet securely. Plus, its easy to clean!

Drop me an email to place an order.

Thanks! Corky

LiftStand for iPad/Air $39.95
LiftStand for iPad Mini $29.95
SurfacePro3 $49.95
Kindle PW $19.95

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